Current Members


Daniel Sundt - Fire Chief

Kenneth Baker - Captain

Cain Dolan - Captain

Tina Stolp

Brian Sisell 

Pat McGovern - EOC

Adam Schaefer - Captain

Corey Schulte 

Michelle Schumacher 

Chris Stolp

Emergency Responders

Christopher Inman-EMT

Christina Inman-EMT

Tina Stolp - EMT

Brian Kabot

Pat McGovern

Adam Schaefer 

Chris Stolp

Cain Dolan

Denise Heppleman

Thank you for your service


We would like to recognize the following people for their service to the Oronoco community:


Joyce Berg                           David Kaempher

Leroy Forstie                       Andy Langins

Larry Stolp                          David Kleiber

Neal Vermeersch               Sue Klaassen

James Kenyon                     John Stolp

Daniel Ondler                     Pete Dolan

Marvin Strauss                    Del Holt

John Mohlke                        Drew Hewitt

Jerry Lubahn                        Shawn Lehman


Drew Hewitt passed away early March 3rd, 2008. He proudly served both the Oronoco First Responders (OFR) and the Oronoco Fire Department (OFD) for five years. During those years he held office as Secretary of the OFR and OFD Relief Assciation. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2007, Drew continued to run emergency calls until he could physically no longer respond and was put on hospice care. He was the highest responding member for calls for both departments in 2007. He will be remembered for his enthusiasm in everything he did. He did regular maintenance on equipment and trucks and ran errands. He flipped pancakes at Gold Rush Days. He attended several mud runs, parades, and water fights around the region. He will be remembered as a friend who cared deeply about his fellow colleagues, his department, and his city. To all of us he is a hero and will be missed greatly. 

Duty Calls


The tones sound

Now duty calls,

Not sure of what

We’ll have at all.


Turnouts donned

With lightning speed,

We’re off to help

Someone in need.


Sirens wail

We’re drawing near

Once again it’s time

To face the fear.


Time and again

This is what we do

Just know when we do it,

We do it for you


By Vanessa Sgroi

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